Specialist services - Faster, Easier, More Convenient

Bookaclinic is an online doctor’s office which delivers specialist clinician consults via secure videoconferencing to patients in Ontario, Canada.

Hire Ashley - Artificial Intelligence Powered Digital Employee

Ashley uses artificial intelligence to automate the most burdensome and error prone tasks in healthcare, including EMR data input/extraction/analysis, coordinating referrals, tracking referral volumes per providers, record retrieval, OHIP billing automation and data migrations. 

Improve Access

Bookaclinic helps you overcome long distance barriers to access the specialist care you need by connecting you with specialty healthcare providers.

More Convenient

Telemedicine is simple, convenient, and cost-effective way of visiting your doctor. The technology platform allows you to easily consult with a specialist provider.

Receive Consistent Care

No more waiting months for appointment times. Bookaclinic allows you to meet with a specialist from home or your nearest Ontario Telemedicine Network clinic.


Getting Started

**Step 1: Sign Up

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Step 3: Complete check-in form

Step 4: Your specialist is ready to see you now**

Services Provided

Internal Medicine







Medical Oncology


Surgery/Wound Management




Reduced wait times

Convenient specialist access

Simple and fast booking

Ask your specialist a question through our patient portal after the visit